Wow…Thank You…This is simply amazing. I am now officially nervous so first things first…that T Shirt you saw on the video will be on sale in the lobby after dinner. Good evening everyone and thank you for this honour, members of the Jack Webster Foundation Board. It is indeed a…

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In Malaysia, Makan, Makan! (eat, eat) is the phrase you will hear repeated hundreds of times a day. While travelling Malaysia you will experience familiar foods, and foods you never could have imagined. A multitude of ancient cultures co-exist in symbiotic harmony creating multi-faceted cuisines from the offerings of the…

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In Ancient Greece, Sea Bream considered to be the tastiest of all fishes was devoted to Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty. About three hours from downtown Athens, on the Nafpaktos-Itea road, past the ancient sanctuary of Delphi and the craggy slopes Mount Parnassus lies Galaxidi, a picturesque town heralding an…

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