Samantha McLeod is a travel and food writer based in Vancouver. Her work has taken her across Asia, Caribbean, North America, South America and Africa. She has a curious nature for searching out and documenting new places, spaces and food. ‘Sam’ is also an avid photographer whose work on sustainable, organic and gluten free foods has been internationally acclaimed.  Sam does not only promote the merits of healthy and sustainable living and gluten free diets. She breathes it and helps others live it with her global culinary adventures.




Tess Bacchus is a writer based in Chicago who graduated with a B.A. in History and Philosophy. She also studied American Literature. She was also, briefly, a PhD student where she focused on American politics in African American literature. Tess grew up, and lived until 17, in Guyana. Her write-ups are her experiences and impressions both in South and North America. It covers not only her stories but those of her mother, sister, and various other women life. She grew up as an ‘outside’ child of mixed-race parentage and belonging to no religion. Tess work at jobs simply for the sake of paying the bills. It allows her to live her passions, reading and writing as much as she can fit into any given day. Her life in her words “Feelings of homelessness and of always walking on quicksand.”




Amit Bhaskar is an experienced multimedia content producer, PR & social media strategy builder, marketing & communication strategist with a demonstrated history of working in the media industry. He is based in India. In 2013, he graduated with a Degree in Mechanical Engineering & Automation and then, he did his master’s in journalism and mass communication from India itself. He has experience of working in BBC, ICRC & is skilled in content based business development, translation, Photography, Radio Production, web editing, documentary & short Film Making (Specially for the digital platform) along with editing knowledge. According to him, his life changed after his first visit to the Comox Valley and then to the Vancouver city. He understood the market for food and travel based writers and since then he has been trying to create his own space into this whole new industry with his skills and knowledge.

AJ Kim is a mindful thinker, passionate wanderer, and dreamer who loves learning, exploring, observing and documenting human stories and beauties, all with a camera. Years of professional field work in Non-Governmental Organizations handling global humanitarian issues in Asia, she eventually crashed on Canada to discover different aspects of human life and matters. Vancouver is her current habitat, although she keeps wandering for projects and future plans. Travel & documentary photography and film making is a big part of her passion. Her raw and authentic visual storytelling is to emphasize diversity and humanity. She highly admires anything traditional, hidden, and marginalized and actively engages in social value creation through production works as well as young leadership & philanthropic projects.

“Learn anything from my surroundings; Love everything around me; Live right now with no regrets of the past nor fears of the future. Welcome to my universe, explore my world and yours through the frames.”