Canada’s elections and a confused as hell voter!

by Samantha Bacchus McLeod

The pressure on a voter is exhausting…do I vote for a party because I am a ride or die kind of voter? Do I vote for individuals because they speak to me? Do I vote because I must?

Before I start, they all have the same platforms, just worded differently to reflect the sentiments of the individual party. Their campaign promise is just a side hustle to their main agenda…promote, promote, promote self.

This fast and furious upcoming 2021 elections has left me in the proverbial rock and a hard place. Kudos NOT to Trudeau for pulling a fast one in the midst of a pandemic. Now, I, a voter, must carefully weigh and measure each candidate and what their party stands for. I am a liberal-minded person, but that does not mean to ride or die with a party that is not living up to my expectations. That said, hope is eternal…isn’t it?

In a quest to make the right decision, one must peruse each party’s campaign promise. The place to start is by analysing the actual website they have created as their online business card…truth be told, most of us today will base everything on the foundation of a website’s message. But, not the images and words alone, no, we must look at the actual construction of the site to read between the lines of what this or that party stands for:

The Liberals have invested time and money into the build, the site is clean and concise, and to the point of what, when, how, where and how much. Trudeau’s images are carefully placed here and there to remind us of the candidate, the focus is not on the man but on the party. Who is he kidding?

This speaks to my writer/techie/pragmatic soul. The clear points, the drill down into the plan of action and the lovely, lovely fiscal plan.

The Liberals get an A for website design, build, and messaging.

The Conservatives spent as little as possible, while keeping their imaging intact (not sure if that is a good or a bad thing). The site is to the point with simple menu items. The tabs lead to easily accessible pages…but the Images are those of your quintessential racist-trying-to-show-they-are-not-racist with its few staged images/photo ops of brown and black people with more non-white people in the background. Shameless. The platform in a nutshell…with special note to women and children getting a little equality with the rest of society (serious eye-roll here.):

There is one part of their campaign promise I found more jarring than others, listed under Jobs:

  • Taking immediate action to help the hardest hit sectors, helping those – including women and young Canadians – who have suffered the most.

This website gets a B for construction and an F for images and sentiment.

The NDP – Spent what pennies they could scrape together to do a photo shoot of Jagmeet, and with whatever was left over they used to build this cheap site. Relying heavily on images of the candidate. This is more an ego-project website than an actual legitimate political party platform. Verbose with promises buried within so much text that your eyes will swim and give up the ghost…on that note, otherworldly promises lie like the proverbial needle in a hay stack.

Read it and weep from sheer exhaustion. I am not sure how to find the clear points they are making because the pieces (yes the storytelling pieces) are so wordy that one is left baffled as to what exactly is happening here. I got the gist of their storytelling…1)The Conservatives and Liberals suck, 2)We are Millennials and super cool 3) The one-name-star, Jagmeet, is a fashionista with a wide array of power suits and colourful turbans…but I cannot see a concrete plan nor a plan of action, nor a pro-forma for a future better Canada.

This website gets an F for design and an F for content.

The Bloc Québécois hmmm. Their site is pretty lean and oversized, and unfinished or not yet started? Not sure what they stand for other than Long Live Quebec. There is a caricature of a guy with a half winking eye, which makes me feel even he himself is not serious about his ambitions.

The Bloc Québécois party means Quebec residents will forevermore vote for an internal provincial party and not for the country the province actually resides in. Though I get it, they have always been like that snobby cousin that crosses the street when they see you.

This website design gets a C for effort and an F for content and clarity.

The Green Party and Annamaie Paul. Their website is short and sharp. Environment, climate change, equality. All the wonderful dreams we harbour for the future lie right here on their website, and I will continue to do all I can, and push myself to do even more to transition to that whole new world.

Unfortunately, the Green party is not really equipped yet to run the country; but with hard work and people like Annamaie Paul, there is hope for them to be a much stronger voice in government. I love that the leader looks like my people…women.

On October 3, 2020, Annamie was elected leader of the Green Party of Canada, making history as the first woman of colour, the first Black person and the first Jewish woman elected to lead a major federal political party.

This website gets a C for design and an A for messaging in specific areas.

The Liberal party usually speaks my language but this time around…who the hell will I vote for? The candidate in my riding is the invisible Hedy Fry…she is like that office worker that was fired decades ago but somehow got left on the payroll; she is getting paid but no one has a clue as to what it is exactly she does (nothing) and where one can find her (nowhere). This candidate is like an old caboose laden down with coals that is hitched to a high speed train running on renewable energy.

Dear Hedy, If your goal to be a public servant is to be useful to your community and country, then be useful. If you have reached your used by date…then for god sakes unhitch yourself and let a younger person step up to do the job you stopped doing decades ago!

Google the keywords Hedy Fry and useless and see what I mean.

Then there is that other liberal guy in the Granville area…the Liberal party is making promises to stop the house steal, while this fool is flipping houses and getting richer quicker…I see another real estate crisis looming…the rich will snap up property and rent it out at atrocious prices, then they will flip it…creating their own everlasting industry from this promise…which is a serious threat to all our young people hoping to buy a home one day soon.

My question is this…will the Liberal Party ensure every First Nation have access to clean water, the same quality of education, and medical facilities the rest of us have in this country. Will they put everything else on the back burner and get this done right now?
Will you stop bullshitting and wheeling and dealing behind our backs?
Will you do some damn housecleaning over the next year?

Clean house and you could be the best option for most people. Well, most of us who see a new, better, environmentally conscious, sustainable and food-secure, diverse country with equal opportunities for all people of Canada.

The pressure on a voter is exhausting…do I vote for a party because I am a ride or die kind of voter? Do I vote for individuals because they speak to me? Do I vote because I must?

I am, as they say, royally ducked, up shite creek without a paddle. I am confused and loathing (this snap election) in Vancouver. Damn you Trudeau for putting party first and country last!

The only real belief I have is this…It is a privilege and it is my patriotic duty to vote…my one significant vote can make or break our country. Apathy is not, and must never be an option. So to all you confused-as-I-am voters out there…happy surfing, insightful soul searching, and may all the good luck be on your side!

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Image (Adobe stock because her face reflects my feelings)

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