Vancouver is lovely in June, 2020 is the time to love her up

by Samantha Bacchus McLeod

This spring, summer, and fall, we will show the world how we celebrate staycations in Vancouver

Vancouver in June is when we get to enjoy the best of our city. This time of year there is a joyful energy all around as we emerge from our wintry moods into the spring’s sun. We shed our dark and heavy winter wear like ducks flapping water off their backs.

Although we have lots of outdoor activities happening all year and we take full advantage of them, we do greet the new season like we are walking on air. We smile, in fact we grin from the sheer pleasure of spring in Vancouver.

June in Vancouver is actually one of my two favourite months of the whole year to enjoy the city – I do so love September too when the air is crisp and fresh after a hot summer, when there are all sorts of farm foods arriving daily, and when the visitors-season has eased back to mostly Vancouverites roaming the city.

This summer and fall will be a little different from the norm due to the curbing of our favourite past times, dining out and our love of invading the surrounding islands.

The Rose garden in Stanley Park

Life has changed so much in this 2020 pandemic year, for one restaurants are struggling due to the long lockdown plus the new health measures in place, which brings in 1/3 the capacity. I worry for the chefs who have all put their hearts and souls into their businesses. But I have hope that their entrepreneurial spirit will kick in and they will come up with innovative ways to keep going strong. I see packed picnic baskets for pick-up, I see Zoom-boardroom meetings having catered lunches delivered to each person, and I see our chefs leading the pack in a whole new way.

Vancouver at this time of the year is like an awakening of a sleeping beauty, the leaves are lush above and they tremble in the soft breezes wafting about. Flowers are perky with their welcome as though they are saying come-hither and enjoy our perfumed aromas. Birds flit everywhere gorging on the feast laid out in a new spring, they trill sweetly like their little hearts are bursting with the thrill of it.

Every day farmers are delivering fresh bounty to the shops and restaurants – garlic scapes, mushrooms, berries, lettuces and greens, fresh herbs, shellfish and fish, and so much more. Chefs are inspired to create, people are drooling over farm-to-fork foods.

Stanley park is in all her glory too, habitat to all and sundry – eagles, beavers, great blue herons, squirrels, racoons, ducks, Canada geese, to name a few. New growth is springing up as old growth lay down to make homes for the denizens of the park.

Vancouver English Bay

Vancouver beaches are filled with people basking in the sun, having picnics, gathering with friends and families. This year though, it is less congested due to Coronavirus, but we follow the rules and we are finding new ways to traverse this new world.

At the end of the day, come what may, we will always find our way as we reconnect with our beautiful city. Vancouver is just too beautiful for us to watch her from the sidelines. Our chefs are too strong to give up easily. And Vancouverites are too in love with their city to hide away. This year more than ever we remember why we chose this place as home, it is the most beautiful province in all of Canada.

June in Vancouver is better than any other world-city tagline, and Beautiful BC is real. This spring, summer and fall we will show the world how to celebrate staycations.

Suspension bridge above a mountain river and forest trees

So, it is time for us to grab those masks and go find our cohort-pods, or our bubbles. See you from a safe distance out there my dear neighbours!

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