by Samantha Bacchus McLeod

Why are we just asking the world to accept #BlackLivesMatter? Should we not be asking for Equal Rights for Black people?

You know, it hurts, I look at this adorable baby and I think how can this child become someone to be hated? An innocent sweet soul that will one day be treated cruelly because her skin is infused with beautiful colour.

This post is about the wrongness of what has happened, and what continues to happen. If we go silent once again, I fear for our children.

I am not speaking for Black people, nor am I speaking for brown people, beige and white people. I am not sure what the colours are since the world seems to just shove a large part of society across an invisible line…those people over that line are called Black.

I exist at the edges of society’s racial identity of me. I am not Black but there is African in my lineage, I am not Indian but some of our people came from India 200 years ago, and I am not Indigenous but if you peek at our babies and my hairless skin it may help you define me.

For a long time, I railed against the injustices done to me because of my melanated skin, white folks were sure cruel. I moved away from Calgary, Alberta.

In my simple mind, Vancouver was going to be so much better. But then I arrived here and well, Vancouver’s racism has a whole new genre of its own. It is whites feeling superior to all, browns racist against Blacks and Chinese, Chinese racist against Blacks and browns. And everyone united in their racism against Blacks and Indigenous.

The most shocking of all was the hateful racism against Blacks by the 6 specific and ageing RCMPs and VPDs I met over the last few years. I can name their names but I have a feeling they will soon enough face their crimes.

A quick look at their arrests records and one will see the crimes they have committed…every single one of these “cops” are white men. Their careers span from the 1970s to 2015.

Can you imagine the damage they have already inflicted, and the trauma that generations of people are still suffering today, because of their crimes?

Think on it. Is this why Black people are hardly ever seen in this city, and Indigenous people are condemned to East Hastings?

Read this if you are having a tough time feeling it…Black

The Black Lives Matter movement is aiming low, way too low. Why are we fighting to prove Black people matter? Should it not be Equal Rights for Black People?

When we think of the LGBTQ Community and their fight for equal rights, tell me what you see? I see thousands of organisations across North America, and millions of dollars going into this equal rights movement, I see real activism and real changes. When we envision gay rights movements, we see predominantly white faces, a spattering of brown faces and maybe a Black drag queen, usually playing the comic for the crowd. Can this movement be more diverse? Absolutely, but ask yourself why it isn’t.

When we go out to march for equal rights for women, what colour is the vast majority, and the second majority? Whites and Browns, respectively.

How often do you associate equal rights with Black faces? Really, be honest with yourself when you close your eyes and envision a big crowd of women asking for equal rights. What colour do you see?

While Black children and Black brothers are fighting for breath, Black women are too busy trying to protect them, and most likely while working menial jobs to survive another day. How can they march for equal rights when they do not matter to a careless society?

Vancouver is all about white women and South Asian women, white women in tech, equal pay for white women, and South Asian women follows right behind, most of the world don’t see Black and Indigenous women in that movement. Yes, we tell ourselves it is for all women, but how often do you actively seek out a Black woman and her cause, or a Black hairstylist, or showcase a Black woman lawyer or a Black woman in tech? Nil to none, right or wrong?

Yes, we make excuses, “Black people are not visible here”. But is that true though? Really? Or is that because Black people are not visible here because you made them invisible?

I do have a bit of advice…

Nothing against the hippies here, ya’ll need something bigger than you to believe in and I applaud that, but maybe instead of pissing off your parents, as that is a part of what you do, why not get proactive and invite a few Black brothers to your dinner table or backyard gathering, or ask to be invited to a Black family’s home? Let’s pretend it is the 1960s and you want to show the world you believe in integration, because really this is where we are at once again.

Nothing against the millennials, ya’ll need to believe in a better world ahead, but along with sharing books, written by Black authors, about race and injustice…why not have a sesh where real people tell their real stories too. You know? put more active effort in this here equal rights movement for Black people.

Take a break from “saving the ocean”, “banning pipelines”, “harassing the aquaculture industry”, and dismantling corporations shit for a minute. Take all that energy and put some real effort into Equal Rights for Black People.

What you gonna do once you save the world from climate change? Live in a beautiful world of privileged white folks?

This is not who you are, you are fighting privileged white folks right? Live in the real world today, fight for equal rights for black people today and then you can all work together to build a better world for tomorrow.

We look at the Black Lives Matter Movement and we see real changes happening in the last few days. The focus on defunding the police, which in my humble opinion is brilliant…means more money should be going into community healing, and less should be going into the pockets of injustice, way less.

I can thankfully say today that I have a race-identity problem, inflicted upon me by society. I am never confused about my race because well, I am not sure what they all are. What I am extremely passionate about is race-equality. Actually no, to be very clear, I am very passionate about Black people having equal rights. And I speak up against these injustices, which needless to say I don’t have many friends, but at the very least I can sleep well at nights, sadly because I “pass” as brown or other.

All the people of white and brown colour I know, check yourself and really see how you feel about equal rights for Black people.

Once you have figured it out, get proactive…or say nothing at all.

Best of all, every one of you can donate to Black Women in Motion,  Donate to Black Lives Matter Toronto or Black Lives Matter Vancouver.

Or better yet, go to this website How You Can Support Black People Today, Tomorrow & Forever for a lot of other ways to donate.

The civil rights movement was a struggle for social justice that took place mainly during the 1950s and 1960s for black Americans to gain equal rights under the law in the United States. The Civil War had officially abolished slavery, but it didn’t end discrimination against black people—they continued to endure the devastating effects of racism, especially in the South. By the mid-20th century, black Americans had had more than enough of prejudice and violence against them…and here we are today in mid 2020, begging the world to accept us cause we matter, we are not fighting for #EQUALRIGHTS, nope we just asking folks to accept that #BlackLivesMatter.

Does this make any sense to anyone?

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