Qairo music

Qairo -Original Eastern Flamenco Beats

by Brody Rokstad

Qairo is the sunset meeting of many long and dusty roads. It is where we put down our belongings, light a fire, take out our gleaming instruments, and get the party started Qairo Flamenco

Review by Brody Rokstad

There’s a fierce passion to Qairo’s music that grips you right away. A feverish rapture seems to emanate from this eight member ensemble, and their energy is infectious. It has a mysterious, at times almost mystic quality that, if allowed, will rouse something deep inside you. An extraordinarily high quality of musicianship transcribes deep ineffable instincts, and as a result their music is frenetic yet contained, spontaneous yet ordered. It is somehow both esoteric and entirely accessible. This music has soul.

Qairo combines guitar, flute, clarinet, sax, oud, cajon, and bass to create a refreshingly rich and nuanced listening experience. Sandy Spanish vocals soar over compositions that include Flamenco, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean influences, among others. Their live show features two flamenco dancers, which beckons the audience to get up and dance along. In an era where music with heart becomes more and more of a rarity, Qairo seems to be doing all one band can to make up the difference for all of us.

Qairo Music
Qairo Music Bandcamp
La Carmelita’s NRITYA

Brody Rokstad

Brody Rokstad is a Vancouver-based writer and an inconsistent dabbler. He’s musician at heart and an irredeemable devotee to the arts. He pledges full allegiance to incremental self-improvement.

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