Is it possible to achieve inner peace in a loud world?

by Samantha McLeod

Looking out onto the slate blue ocean, one can imagine for a moment how glorious the past must’ve been before the racket of man’s machines were invented.

Early mornings. One of life’s little pleasures is to wake before the hustle and the bustle of The citylife begins. There is an anticipatory stillness in the air, a calmness in the scene before your eyes. Looking out onto the slate blue ocean, one can imagine for a moment how glorious the past must’ve been…before the racket of man’s machines were invented. This is a time of awe, of reflection and promises.


Lately, I hear the birds at two in the morning, screeching in pain it seems, maybe they too cannot sleep in this new bright-loud world we keep. The poor things, just like us, are seeking a blinding darkness for a moment’s respite from the light. Will they one day go mad, like humans do?


I hear the revving of a new mantoy, the banging of a new building rising up high into the sky. I hear the slamming of garbage trucks taking in piles and piles of garbage we throw away, every day.

I hear the shouting of a neighbour’s child, screaming to be heard above the flatscreen blasting out commercials to…lose weight, try this new drug, impeach politicians. The child screams crescendoes above the news reels blaring blame on everyone else, but selves.

I hear my thoughts begging to be released to a quiet forest, beside a beach, somewhere far away, somewhere with silence so deep that I can hear that tiny thought buried beneath the noises of my big citylife…that tiny thought saying…peace.

Peace, it exists, it really does live within all of us, just listen deep and one will hear the word…waiting to be heard.


To remember the world before progress, wake early one morning just at that magic moment before dawn, before the sun comes up and the city louds-up.

Do you hear that? That is who you truly are. That peaceful loving feeling, that giving caring human being, that is you.

Don’t be afraid to seek your place of peace…where the world can be redrawn upon your soul.

For me, it is Filoti, Naxos Island, Greece. My images and memories cannot be erased, so on those days when I cannot be in Filoti, when I am in the hustle and bustle of a Vancouver minute…I wake early to contemplate life in Filoti.


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