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My Happy Place is called Orangtheory Fitness

by Samantha McLeod

Orangetheory is the new black, that works Fitness wonders for the body and the psyche.

I recently discovered Orangetheory Fitness. Well to be honest, my daughter strongly encouraged me to try out a class. She believed that if I could commit to a special workout, maybe my general positivity would return. For the record…it did.

Orangetheory’s concept is about splat, as in splatting the fat cells. That would be the basic description, but it is much more that. Orangetheory Fitness is about the 5 Heart Rate zones, defined:

  • Zone 1, the gray zone, is where it all starts (briefly) with very light activity (50-60% max Heart Rate).
  • Zone 2, the blue zone, is the warm up stage with an increase (61-70% max Heart Rate).
  • Zone 3, the green zone, is the challenging-doable stage (71-83% max Heart Rate).
  • Zone 4, the orange zone, is the orange effect, it gets uncomfortable here…and oh so good (84-91% max Heart Rate)
  • Zone 5, the red zone, is the all out effort, where it is getting hot in here! (92-100% Heart Rate).

This is not a workout that ever keeps you in one zone for a long time. Throughout the 60 minutes of cleansing sweat, every zone is achieved a few times as you aim for the perfect pyramid; shorter on the start and finish, sweeter and taller in the middle.

Every single day at Orangetheory is an inspiring day. I wake up with pleasant anticipation to get to the studio. I look forward to being encompassed by people with the same addiction to great energy.
Every workout is different, so I can never fall into rote and get bored.
Every hour at the studio is another hour of my life I have taken back from stress and negativity.

There’s a saying that goes; It is easy to master others, but most difficult to master self.

This is where OT fitness works best for me; I need the trainers. I need them to guide me, but not to be in my face, to push me, but not abuse me. I need them to never bullshit me, and to help me see how strong and awesome I am, by encouraging me to dig deep and compete hard against…me. Orangetheory Fitness is all about the “me” in each and everyone of “you”.

The entire team at OT fitness is made up of a group of inspiring young people, I really look forward to seeing them all when I am there. Sam and Paul, Roseanna, Gage, Dillan, and Taylor, they are all kind and beautiful souls.

To give you an idea of how dedicated these young people are – I would like to introduce you to Gage Burnet, the head coach of my Orangetheory Fitness studio, located at the Vancouver Convention Centre.   

Gage Burnet, Head Coach

How old were you when you started your health and fitness goals?

I was in grade 6 when I started playing football, and I have continued what most would consider a very active lifestyle since then.

Why did you choose to be a trainer?

After spending so many years of playing high level competitive sports, it seemed like a natural fit for my professional life. I love having the opportunity to give back some of the knowledge I’ve learnt over the years. I love giving back to those who seek to live a healthier lifestyle.

Why Orangetheory Fitness?

Orangetheory Fitness creates a “team” atmosphere that really brings me back to my playing days. It gives me the feeling of being back on a team. For me Orangetheory Fitness shows people fitness can be fun and efficient while still seeing, and more importantly, feeling the results. Also, I love having the ability to track my numbers and progress through the heart rate monitor system. 

The highlight of your work day?

The highlight of my day is when I am coaching and having that time to spend with my members, most of them are like family at this point. Every day, I feel very fortunate to be in a position where I get to encourage people to be the best version of themselves. Seeing people accomplish things they never thought possible is always an incredible moment for me as a coach.

What is your best, amongst all the greats, OT moment so far?

I am very lucky to say this is a challenge to try and choose just one…but it’s going to have to be getting to work out with Trevor Linden, while being coached by Ellen Latham, Orangetheory Fitness creator, who came all the way from Florida to coach at our studio.

What has been your worst moment?

I have had challenging days for sure, but nothing that sticks out as a worst experience. It is usually always smiles and laughs, I am very fortunate to work with a great team.

What do you say when you are asked about diet plans, if you are ever asked?

I am, unfortunately, in no way certified in nutrition, so my response is I cannot offer any professional advice. I am always happy to direct you to a professional. We can chat about my experiences and personal preferences, but that is just my personal journey so it is by no means professional advice.

Do you ever have to advise or refer members to doctors and therapists?

I haven’t had to do this as most members, I find, have their own doctors and therapists they prefer, professionals that they are most comfortable with. However, if it was ever asked of me I would do my best to seek out some of the better-known professionals in the area. That is if it was requested of me by a member.

What is awesome about your studio, and the location?

The view is one of the best in the entire world when it comes to working out. And of course, the team. I consider most of my team some of my good friends who I can rely on and talk to when in need. They have created a very supportive environment, which makes me feel as confident as I can possibly feel in my position.

Tell us little about your team?

My team is very small but the mightiest of teams. They are a very hard working bunch, and they are smart people. The team really makes my work life as easy as they could possibly make it. And let’s not forget the many professional coaches that challenge me to be a better coach, and who teaches me more and more every day.

Gage Burnet and team can be found at Orangetheory Fitness Vancouver Convention Centre, on any given day of the week.

Walk along the seawall until you see the big happy orange splat overlooking the water. If you should decide to become a member…it will be your best, most deliciously selfish decision, ever.

I like to think, the world deserves a healthy and happy, Orangetheory me.

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