Greek day

Greek Day on Broadway is here again!

by Samantha McLeod

“The history of Greek Day has its deepest roots in the word “PANIGYRI”, a day of special festivities usually of the patron saint of a particular village or region in Greece. It is a time when all problems and worldly cares are shelved for a celebration of life – manifested in eating, song and dance.”

Well, ya’ll know how much I love me some Greek food and culture, and it is that time of the year again! Greek Fest on Broadway is here for one full day of total immersion into a culture that is known for feeding guests until they’re full to the max…and then just giving them a tad more.

There’s going to be stage shows, and music and dancing, and more food. Plus, all those lovely artisans that make the festival rounds every year.

I am looking forward to Didi’s Greek food truck for my first souvlaki, and I need to be first in line because this truck is popular. They have the best Greek roasted potatoes, Didi does something special with them that I think includes some spicy mustard sauce. The Kalimari is yummy as hell too.

Then, I will get me some of those amazing honey ballz from Greek Betty, better known as Betty’s loukoumades. I love her cute as a button honey bee truck.

Maybe a bit of dancing to make the hunger pangs hit again, and then a bit of shopping for really unique gifts.  

Vancouver is awesome in the summer months and, for me, the summer really gets going when this festival day comes around, so I am very thankful that my summertime fun has begun, or will begin tomorrow on Broadway in Kitsilano.

What I am looking forward to most of all is the chance to be Greek for day, and secondly, meet with my friends and stroll up and down Broadway with the throngs of happy-go-lucky festival goers.

See you at Greek Day on Broadway #GreekDay

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