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Gibsons, The Sunshine Coast Is Our Backyard

by Samantha McLeod

Get away to the sunshine coast for a day on less than 30 dollars!

If we pause for a minute and wonder why so many people visit our province, we will realise it is because it is an incredibly beautiful place to be. For sure we all know that, but how often do we “be like a tourist” and immerse ourselves in our very own neighbours’ hoods?

For example, here is a day-trip to Gibsons on the sunshine coast, that will cost you no more than it would to go out for a meal in Vancouver.

Located at the southern end of the Sunshine Coast, just north of Vancouver, Gibsons (population: 4,900) is a quaint town of artists and fishing boats. Gibsons is perched on a hillside, overlooking the harbour.

The bus to Horseshoe Bay is a mere $3.00, and the return trip on the ferry costs $14.00. Walking around Gibsons cost zero dollars. Lunch could be $7. – $18.00.
Or, pack a picnic, there are so many places to sit and enjoy the views. You can go for hikes, and even go for a dip in the ocean.

Your adventure starts here:

Pack a couple of sandwiches and a flask of coffee or tea, maybe a fruit or two.

Start your stress-free day-trip on the bus. People-watch, talk to strangers, read a book, or just enjoy the peaceful scenes sliding by the window.
Walk onto the ferry and find yourself a great vantage spot to really immerse yourself in the moment. You may spot seals and eagles and you will see cute little islands, fisher boats and so much more.
In Langdale, hop onto the bus and get dropped off wherever is closest to your planned activities.

Things I love to do when I am in Gibsons:

  • Find hidden trails that remind me of fairytales.
  • Walk barefeet and carefree on pristine sandy beaches.
  • Sit quietly on the pier and watch fishermen and women reel in their catch.
  • Hang out at the harbour and see shellfish harvesters harvesting, admire the boat house.
  • Sit at a window seat looking out at the vast and timeless ocean, sip on a drink and think.
  • Admire a starfish, take pictures of playful seals, and feel the fresh ocean-breeze on my cheeks.
  • Eat at Leo’s Greek Restaurant (lunch costs about 12/18 dollars)
  • Get an ice cream cone at the local hangout.
  • Browse the shops.
  • Check out the used book store.
  • Let my imagination run wild in Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast.
  • Follow my tranquility to freedom and raise a toast to my moment.

Check out the gallery of moments below. Find your inner peace, my beautiful friends. Peace is within our very souls, don’t lose it.

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