O. Kokkos, Pagrati, Athens, Greece

by Samantha Bacchus McLeod

O. Kokkos Coffee
Spirou Merkouri 25, Athina 116 34, Greece

“Coffee is a friend, it’s our companion, coffee is art!”

“We source the best coffee beans from Area 51 Roasters, and we start each day with the best of intentions…make the best coffees the best tasting experience of their day for our friends and family.”

A thriving metropolis like Athens, Greece, can be overwhelming to a tourist…with so much to see, and do, one can be left a perpetual-sightseer.  What I found after my initiation in Athens was, there is a neighbourhood sense wherever you go. Take for example one of the best coffee-cafe places I fell in love with, a darling little spot called O. Kokkos Coffee in the Pagrati area. Pagrati is a neighbourhood in Central Athens, the area is adjacent to the Hilton area, also known as National Gallery area, so if you are staying in that area, how lucky you are.

This fully licensed cafe, O. Kokkos, is the place to meet and mingle, morning, noon and night. Go here to start the day right, enjoy your morning coffee, and have one of the best homemade pies you will ever taste.


Start the day by strolling through the quiet neighbourhoods, meander along the park trail, curve around to the shopping areas, and take a break at O. Kokkos. Order a cup of that creamy, perky Area 51 coffee, and while the friendly barista is lovingly creating that cuppa, pop over to Chez Alice and get a warm handmade pie, try the Kaseropita, the authentic Greek cheese pie made of flaky country-style phyllo crust stuffed with warm melty Greek kasseri cheese.

Sit under the leafy tree on the sidewalk, listen to others speak in different languages, watch animated locals enjoy their morning repast.

The creamy-chocolaty coffee aroma mingling with the fresh baked pie will leave you with a sense of bliss that is hard to describe. Maybe it is the air, the people, the very energy of the ancient history of the place, maybe it is the pie made by hand by a baker who has been doing it for decades, maybe it is just the incredible coffee…or maybe it is all of that, and so much more.

All you need do in the morning is pop in and say:

Kalimera (Good morning)

Enna eleniki metrio – (1 little-sugar coffee)

Enna Kaseropita – (that delicious pie)

Efcharistó (Please)

Don’t forget to leave a tip before you go.

Parakalo! (you are ever so welcome)R

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