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Andrea Dobbs The Village Bloomery

by Samantha McLeod

Andrea Dobbs, owner of The Village Bloomery, is an advocate of cannabis micro dosing, she advises everyone to start slow and go low when starting out on your journey of plant-based healing.

If you are seeking advice and knowledge on how to cook your own edibles then I urge you to visit the experts at The Village Bloomery (previously The Village Dispensary).

This dispensary has everything one may need to get started on their own journey to healing with plant-based medicines.

One misconception about The Village Bloomery is others assume Andrea Dobbs is a long-time consumer. One could not be more wrong. Andrea was never a consumer, she was never attracted to the stuff and has never used cannabis as a distraction.

“My Life was and still is too full to seek a get-away from living in the moment,” said Andrea.

She was always interested in keeping her health balanced by ingesting clean and healthy foods and medicines, and thus she wanted to avoid prescription drugs during the Perimenopausal Menstrual Cycle. This is where her search on plant-based and herbal healing begun.

On her journey to understand her changing body and what it needed to find balance she encountered some mishaps with cannabis – too strong dosing in an edible for her first-time experience. But like the true detective that she is, she trooped onwards seeking knowledge to best heal herself.

Armed with the vast knowledge she has gained, Andrea shares her healing information with the public.

After a visit to The Village Bloomery, one leaves with a sense of wellbeing mainly because of a chat with Andrea who is one of the most emphatic listener in the business. She is welcoming and caring, kind and knowledgeable, fun and full of life.

The least you will get from a visit to The Village Bloomery is a pleasant and relaxed feeling from the inhaling the aromas of the products.

The most you will get is a chance to meet and learn from an impressive woman.

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