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Proper British Pub Fare – Vancouver’s Lions Pub.

by Samantha McLeod

Chef Dan Creyke (Executive Chef, Terminal City Club), originally from England, was surprised at North American’s perception of British pub food, “Back home the pub chef, or cook, is free to explore, expand and create with the seasons. He or she is not held within the confines of a set menu.”


Chef Dan Creyke (L), and Chef Greg van Poppel (Director of Culinary and Restaurant Operations).

A British pub is not just a place to drink beer, wine, cider or even something a little bit stronger, it is a unique social centre, very often the focus of community life in villages, towns and cities throughout the length and breadth of the country.


Lions Pub is the type of place – without the chintzy floral and knick knacks – you’d find in pretty much any tiny village in England.


This prime location, situated right in the heart of the financial district of Vancouver, is definitely more upscale in every sense of the word. Except for the price points, which is surprisingly affordable.

The menu items are the wholesome, heartfelt food of a quintessential British Pub.


Tuna Nicoise.

What makes this a proper British pub are the draughts beer, and craft beer, its on tap, in bottles, in dishes and in suggested pairings.

It’s a home, a place you go to for a warm welcome and comfort food. It’s a place where the team knows you, your preferences and your quirks, and they still like you in spite of it.


Proper British Fry-Up.

Food done-up posh, even black puddings, to attract the eyes and appease the cravings.

Generous portions but not Texas-sized. It’s like taking an amuse-bouche and making it a big satisfying meal.


Bangers and mash.

Ingredients, that are sourced locally show off the ingredients sourced from abroad – there is one rule they live by; every ingredient they use must be ethically produced and handled.


Charcuterie board.

The best of British favourites to satisfy everyone from the fussy dinner to the ladies and gents closing corporate deals and implementing laws. This is the perfect place for locals and tourists looking for a relaxing beer or two. Here, you will be served local gourmet foods that will satisfy your wandering soul.


Beefburger and chips.

Lion’s pub is place that welcomes everyone whether you’re there for old-country nostalgia, evolved pub classics, or just to watch a game or two while you grab a few.

I like this place because the people are genuinely nice, the service is great, the food is fantastic, and the price points are painless.

Another great perk – this is a really good venue for events. The last event I planned and executed for 200 hundred people went off like clockwork. People flowed in and out effortlessly, they were well-fed and happy, the music was easy-listening, and there was a podium set up with a good speaker system. Working with management here was so easy I felt like I had done nothing but called up Doug Whidden (General Manager, Lions Pub) and said I am bringing 200 hundred people for a feast. They did the rest.


Chef Greg van Poppel, Chef Dan Creyke, and Doug Whidden.


Until next time, hold on to happiness and enjoy your family and friends.





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