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Vancouver Eatery times four with eathical

by Samantha Bacchus McLeod

This quick-review of 4 local restaurants will help you along the way if you are hungry and cannot decide on which of our Vancouver eatery to visit.

What are you in the mood for? Tell me.

Vancouver Eatery number one, Breka Bakery & Café

If it is breakfast time and all you want is fresh baked flaky pastries, or cookies, or a hefty Italian sandwich. You want great coffee too? Then head over to this place. Breka Bakery & Café is a fantastic neighbourhood bakery and cafe, that is open 24/7. That is great news right there. It seems like everything in this city shuts down by 10pm.

The choices of fresh baked goods, sandwiches and desserts are scrumptious. The coffee is divine, try a Hazelnut Mocha and a Breakfast Sandwich for a filling and memorable breakfast or brunch. I love the gluten-free peanut butter cookies too.

The service is fast and efficient, the place is big and airy, reminds me of a high-end Kuala Lumpur Bakery and Cafe. And the price is so affordable, I love that you can still find a place, in Vancouver, to enjoy fresh made, quality food and beverages for starving-student prices.

There are lots of seating outside on the no-traffic, tree-lined side street. I Love this neighbourhood, plenty of shopping around the corner too.

Vancouver Eatery number two, Miku

You are in Vancouver, you must eat sushi and sashimi. It is lunch time, you must have sushi, seriously. Eating sushi in Vancouver equates to visiting Paris to see the Eiffel Tower. This waterfront place has the best view of, well the water, and cruise ships, and boat life. The place is always bustling so do call ahead for a reservation.

Sashimi is served on a big platter of ice and the sauces on the side are always chef-created, they literally pair each fish with a sauce, it’s like cabernet and chocolate, only better. The only reason I will pop into this place (more often than I should) is for the Salmon Oshi Sushi. Miku has the best Salmon Oshi Sushi you will ever taste, I eat it like candy.

Seared coal-pressed salmon on tangy Japanese rice with a spicy slice of jalapeño pepper. It Taste like buttah. It is a bit expensive at Miku, but worth a one-time visit.

Note: Vancouver has the best sushi I’ve ever eaten, than any other city I have travelled to (didn’t eat sushi in Narita, Japan). We have hundreds of sushi joints and you can get delicious sushi for cheaper all over the city.

Vancouver Eatery number three. Carderos Restaurant.

So, it is a business lunch, is it? Or you are taking a walk along the seawall? Well this is a good place for business lunches and dinners. Tourists love it too. Carderos Restaurant is situated right on the water on one of our most beautiful city-walks, Vancouver’s Seawall walk. This Vancouver eatery is a corporate restaurant so expect good service, good food, a wide selection of choices and respect for all allergies.

The service is efficient, the bartenders are on the hi-balls, wines and cocktails like nobody’s business. The place is large enough that if there is a line up, it is never for too long. The food is fresh, fast and served in good-sized portions. The seafood selection is quite good, there are Asian inspired dishes, comfort food dishes, and pub food choices. They have many choices for the Gluten-free crowd too.

My favourites there are the Har Gow, and Wok Chicken. I love it!

The salads are huge, crisply-fresh with loads of toppings and lovely dressings, they make full meals, these salads. Order the Carderos Big Salad. It is a great place for large business dinners – you will get to show off the view, and sample some of our local products (seafood anyone?). There is a local musician doing his set nightly, great classic covers, which are soothing and makes you feel connected, and nostalgic. It is a good feeling.

Good, but not crazy-memorable. Like I said, it is a corporate restaurant with corporate concept, including food and service.

Conclusion: Carderos is a place where everyone in your group can find something and be well-soaked and well-sated.

Vancouver Eatery number four. Lions Pub.

You are right downtown; the game is on (any game) and you just want British pub food?

Yes, we have that too. Lions Pub has the best British pub food this side of the world. If you’re craving some London fare then check this place out. The chef is direct from the UK, and he knows his people and what they love to eat. Burgers to curries. Pasties to heartwarming comfort food. Fry Up with Black Pudding and all.

If you want potpies with buttery puff pastry on top of bubbling stews, this Vancouver eatery has you covered. No? It is good ole Bangers and Mash, then? Or how about Butter Chicken?

I Love the nachos for a gluten-free appy to share with my party. You can choose from lots of taps for your beer choice.

Great service, uncluttered pub style, comfortable seats, and located right in the heart of the financial district.

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