A Cannabis journey

By Ruth Javier

I felt like a criminal.

I started to use marijuana when I was 35 years old as a way to relax in order to ease my muscle pain. I was unable to detach from the fact that I was using a drug, which made me feel like I was committing a serious crime. The healing powers of cannabis eased my pain, but because I felt like I was doing something illegal, my stress levels increased.

My journey started after a big wave of a very tiresome 2016.

I was destroyed physically and emotionally. Everything in my life was forcing me to “take it easy”. The following year, 2017, I decided to only work on a part time basis. The reduced schedule did nothing for my lack of energy, I felt more tired than ever. I knew something was seriously wrong with my health.

After much “internet research”, or frantic searches related to my symptoms, I came to the conclusion that I may be suffering from some form of depression.

I asked my family doctor about my depression. He was not able to diagnose it – there are no tests available, he said- and he recommended me to start therapy. Determined to get better I started therapy. Although therapy helped me mentally, the sessions did nothing for my lack of energy. The fatigue continued, while my nausea became uncontrollable.

Eating became the hardest thing for me.

I decided to visit a naturopath. After a couple of months and a series of tests, my naturopath diagnosed me with SIBO.

Small intestinal bacterial (SIBO) is a serious condition affecting the small intestine. SIBO neutralizes your nutrient-intake, and paralyzes your digestive sphincters, thereby slowing down the bowels’ emptying process and allowing acid into the stomach, making it expand. This creates nausea-reflex through the vagus nerve – the vagus nerve is one of the cranial nerves that connect the brain to the body.

Nausea is not always present with SIBO, but it was in my case. I realized that cannabis relieved nausea when I used it to ease my muscle pain. With only one puff, I was able to eat a complete meal, it meant the world. I started to smoke every day.

Smoking marijuana calmed my nausea and vomiting. I was intrigued by this and went on another internet-research.

What I learned about cannabis

Terry Roycroft, founder of MCRI, a private organization for legal access and guidance for medicinal cannabis, explained how the endocannabinoid system is an important modulatory system in the function of brain, endocrine, and immune tissues.

Its transmitters (Cannabinoids CB1 & CB2), found in most of our organs and systems; uses information collected from neurons synapse to enhance or decrease neuronal activity. Cannabis enhances this process creating a tailored answer to the need of our body. CB1 & CB2 work and affect different parts of our bodies. This is precisely one of the reasons why marijuana can alleviate many of symptoms and illnesses we may suffer from.

I found out that the THC in cannabis, through its effect on the central nervous system, blocks the potentially nausea-inducing effects.

I must note here; because different intakes of cannabis can affect you differently, it is important to be responsible with its use. Experts recommend everyone to first find a solid diagnosis, and to look for registered professionals capable of determining what form, strain and dosage suits you and your body best.

Doctors also usually warn patients about the possibility of two main side effects of smoking marijuana; memory loss and addiction. The fear relies on the fact that cannabis can potentially affect most of our body functions and zones, mainly our nervous system.

While there is evidence that long-term memory can be affected with heavy and early (before 20 years old) marijuana use, most short-term memory loss from the effects of marijuana are brief. On the other hand; CBD, which isn’t psychoactive; may produce memory and cognition improving benefits.

The upcoming total legalization of cannabis.

I am also dealing with other health problem, – I told you, the bill can be very big –  but I am ready to get completely cured. I am relying on cannabis information, from cannabis professionals, to help guide me back to living a pain-free, and hopefully fuller life, someday soon.

With the opening of cannabis market in Canada, we are looking to this new industry for a lot more than just as a new-age drug, or as a quick money-making opportunity.

There are some interesting facts of cannabis properties showing that this plant is not only a very powerful medicine, it is also a plant that is good for the environment.

The world is struggling with complex and vital problems, we are required to improve our natural resources usage. We are coming up with smart solutions using technologies to fund a new philosophy where products are designed to create a more efficient product, avoiding waste creation and being capable to be recycle or reuse, also known as circular economy.

Cannabis has entered this new “market”. The plant offers material to create medicine, food, a variety of food-alternatives and construction materials, as well as fabric and a very strong fibre for more products thanks to its low – almost inexistent- footprint in the planet.

The goodness of cannabis also relies on its capability of creating oxygen. Oxygen is created at five times faster than any other tree grown. There’s a low soil erosion, and its ability to grow faster than many other plants, plus cannabis takes care of its weeds all by itself. These are just a few reasons why we should grow more cannabis.


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