Touring Israel: The holy land of Jews, Christians and Muslims

Israel is a unique country which is the holy land for three major religions of the world – Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  It is the home of some of the world most popular and most visited pilgrimages and ancient sites. Fascinating architecture of churches, synagogues, and mosques will make you fall in love with this place and the uniqueness of this land does not end here Israel has a lot to offer. Israel an extremely safe country to visit and tour. Every year millions of tourists visit Israel.

It is actually a tough task to make the list of ‘top attractions of Israel’ as every city and region of Israel has its own flavor, its own history and distinctive features of its own. So here is an attempt to give you the best of the holy land.


Jerusalem is the epicenter of Israel and focal point of three religions. As Jerusalem is the capital of Israel it has modern and ancient blend. The city is surrounded by an ancient wall which dates back to Ottoman Empire. The most famous sites in Jerusalem are the western wall or wailing Wall which is a Jewish religious site, Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the holy places for Christians where Jesus was believed to be crucified and Dome of the rock which holy for Muslims. The dome is not a mosque but a shrine which protects a scared rock beneath it.

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, Israel’s second largest city is the modern town full of cafes, restaurants, bars and markets. The city of Tel Aviv is seen as the only sane place in entire Middle East as the city is very liberal in charm. Right next Tel Aviv there is the ancient city of Jaffa which traces its roots back to biblical time or even before. Tel Aviv is also famous for its nightlife and gorgeous sandy beach.


Mentioned in the bible, Nazareth is the city which is scared for Christians and attracts tourists from around the world. This is the city where annunciation took place and the place where Jesus brought up. In the nearby village of Cana, Jesus believed to have performed the first of his miracles. The church of Annunciation is the main attraction here.

The dead sea

Dead Sea is the lowest point on the earth and one of nature’s wonder. You can literally float in the sea without even moving your finger. At 1,360 feet below sea level in the Dead Sea you can relax and the salty water here could be beneficial for your skin as it is rich with minerals. As no living organism could be found here because of the high salinity of the water it is called as Dead Sea.



Eilat is a perfect summer destination situated on the red sea. You can expertise snorkeling and scuba diving here and can see amazing coral reef, beautiful and vivid fishes including swimming with dolphins. It is hugely popular among families who are looking for beach break.


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