My Most Terrifying Moment

My most terrifying moment

My most terrifying moment was not something that happened. It was something that almost happened. Or maybe it was something that happened. It’s hard to say. So, I’ll tell it and let you, the reader, decide if something happened or not, as I tend go back and forth on it.

Here’s a little background, I love to read. I mean not like, I like to read or I enjoy a good book, or I read for fun. No. I love to read. I have skipped sleep, meals, school, work, parties, you name it and I have skipped it to read. I will avoid all things to read. All things. I once read Gone With The Wind in its’ entirety while lying on the floor and forgetting to eat for 9 hours straight. I may or may not have gone to the bathroom. I honestly don’t remember. Now you know.

The Sea Wall

When I was young, I had to find ways to escape from whatever and whoever to read. We just happened to live about one street away from the Atlantic Ocean. I could see the ocean from our verandah. This was in Guyana, South America and we have what is called a sea wall. The wall is this massive structure that was built to keep the sea out. As a side note, it doesn’t work very well anymore. That was one of my favorite places to escape to, to read.

Picture this wall and behind it are these trees and brushes and behind that is the ocean. I couldn’t really see the ocean if I was sitting on this particular spot of the wall as there are too many trees and whatnot behind me so I always faced away from the water and towards the road and my house. In front of me then, is a wide, busy, high-way with fast moving cars. There is no speed limit in this country and this is one of the deadliest highways there is there. Beyond the highway is a metal barrier to keep the cars that do crash from careening onto the side streets and people’s houses. And beyond the metal barrier is the street our house is on. Basically to get to the sea wall I have to scale the barrier and brave the highway. Ah, scene set.

Two Men

One day, much like any other, I was sitting there, shoes off, reading and periodically checking both directions on the wall to see if anyone was heading my way. It is a lonely area in spite of all the cars whizzing by as there is very little foot traffic in our area. But I usually keep an eye out to be safe. I look up and I notice two men are coming towards me from my left side. They are about a hundred yards away. I go back to reading for a few minutes at the most.

Then the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. I looked to my left and realized that there is only one man and he is moving fast. He is now only about twenty yards away from me. Before I could even form the thought of, “Where is the other one?” I heard him. I heard him moving in the bushes behind me. I don’t remember moving. But I did. I dropped the book. Ran straight across the high-way without once checking to see if it was clear, scaled the barrier, ran home and climbed our 5 foot gate. I must have. I don’t remember doing any of this, mind you. But, I must have! Because my first clear memory after hearing the noises behind me is being crouched down, without my book, and peering out a window and watching these two men as they slowly walked our street trying to figure out which house I had gone into.


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