A Big Sister’s Love

A little background on me

Probably by now, you have figured out I like to do that. Here goes, when I get grumpy I tend to disagree with whoever is around me about the smallest thing. If they say they are hungry, I will argue why they are really not. That kind of stupid disagreement, that’s all you really need to know for this little tidbit of a piece.

Sister Sam

My older sister Sam and I are hanging out in the BC Ferry landing waiting to board our ferry back to Vancouver after having spent a miserable four days on Vancouver Island. What was supposed to be a warm and sunny getaway had turned into a rainy and cold shit-show. I was pissy. We have about forty-five minutes to kill and were just wandering around looking at stuff.

Sam, who always wants to buy me things spots a pretty little faux leather pencil case for 20 Canadian dollars and holds it up, ‘Tess, do you want this?’ I respond with a sulky, ‘No.’ We keep looking at the little purses. Then Sam notices they have a display for vegan leather and mentions it. I immediately pounce on this, ‘I only buy vegan leather items,’ I say. This is technically not true. Okay. This is an outright fucking lie. I don’t even know if I own one vegan leather item. But her comment was enough to trigger my tick. I move about two inches and slightly turn a corner, ‘I just won’t buy leather anymore,’ I continue to grumble.

My love for purse

Oh, sweet jesus. There it is. Red. Leather. Little. Purse. I touch it. It is butter-soft and supple. And I just know the gods have crafted this bit of perfection and put it there just for me. I know it, feel it & I must have it. Now I take it over to Sam. Give it to her and say, ‘Here, buy this one for me.’ It is a hell of a lot more than the 20 she originally wanted to spend.

Sam looks at the genuine leather tag, gives me the side-eye, pays for it, hands the purse to me, and says nothing.

That is a big sister’s love.

-Tess Bacchus.


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