3 Very Short Stories by Tess Bacchus

See Something, Say Something? Maybe Not So Much

Janey  – ‘Good morning, this is Janey. How can I help you?’ (Operator at the local non-emergency police department.

Me – ‘ Janey, this is Tess over at 1234 Lavender Lane. Um, I, uh, I don’t know how to say this, so I’ll just say it. There is a guy sitting in a white car, on my street. He has been there for about two hours now. The license plate number is XXX-XXXX.”

Janey – ‘Tess, you are between Rose Street and Lilac Avenue, correct?

Me – ‘Yep.’

…. Dead silence…. I can hear static

Janey – ‘Tess, I am going to put you on hold.’

Janey – ‘Tess, the guy sitting in the car is police officer. Can you please forget the license plate number? Actually, please just forget that he is even out there.’

Me – ‘Sure. Yep. OK’

-Tess Bacchus


The Sock Dance

Tess Bacchus

Here we are … I pin him against the back of the sofa, no small feat as he out-weighs me by fifty plus pounds. I wrap one arm around his neck. I look deeply into his beautiful brown eyes …

… and I reach my other hand into his  giant bloodhound mouth and rescue yet another one my socks.

-Tess Bacchus


Love StoryTess Bacchus


The taste of whisky on his breath made her knees weak as their lips met for the first time.

12 years, 3 children, a mortgage, and all that goes with it …

The smell of whiskey on his breath made her stomach roil as she walked out the door for the last time.

-Tess Bacchus


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