Springtime in Vancouver

When we think of springtime we think of romance. Places like “Beautiful Bordeaux”, “Ravishing Rome”, and “Picture-perfect Paris” comes to mind. But have you ever spent a few days of springtime in Vancouver?

Romance is not only about a couple walking hand in hand bare feet on a beach, nor said couple frolicking beneath emerald green trees. Romance for me is being at peace, alone.

Romance is being on the outside looking in at people passing by, happy in their moments.

A woman face-up smiling in the sun, a man passing by and looking at her with admiration, a gay couple hand in hand walking their dog. A young person, shoes off, lying in the grass reading a book.

These little glimpses of life lived is what I consider romance.

Here, in Vancouver, around every corner is a breathtaking moment waiting to awe you, to stop you in your tracks, make you slow down for a brief pause. These little moments erase stress momentarily, stress related to family, work, world news, politics. Little bits and pieces of beauty captured throughout the day will stay with you for a very long time. Hold onto to these fragments of free anti-anxiety “pills” and turn them into stress-free hours.

Vancouver is a stunning port city where even scrappy ocean-torn ships, perched on pristine sapphire-blue water look serene, .

Here you will see hundreds of white boats and yachts neatly lined up around docks, they sit still as a picture. Cruise ships glide gracefully in and out of our port. Seaplanes take off into the air leaving lines of white ribbons cutting through the blue.

While walking along the sidewalks you will smell the intoxicating scents of spring flowers long before you see them.

Soft pink petals will shower you, like blessings from nature, when you pause under the heavenly branches of a cherry blossom tree.

As you stroll under lush canopies of greenery, bright sexy patches of roses and flowers will beckon you to come hither.

My first day in Vancouver, 8 years ago is a memory I cherish. I had stayed in a hotel on Robson Street, on a whim I decided to walk to Granville Island.

I had set out that morning at 9 am and I remember just being led by my senses. Pausing here and there to eat, or to splash my bare feet in the ocean surf teasing the beaches.

I must have taken a thousand pictures that day. I remember getting back to the hotel thirteen hours later, my senses sated like I had just attended feast hosted by Bacchus.

More beauty than I had ever seen in one day, I encountered more smiles than I had in a year. You see when the sun comes out in Vancouver the whole city laughs in soulful pleasure.

At the end of that day I remember my legs throbbing so much that I ended up staying awake for hours editing the day’s photos, reliving that beautiful day once again.


Next, I will tell you about the food of Vancouver. The thousand and more restaurants traversing the culinary-globe, all nestled up in neighbourly harmony in this fair city.

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