Cantina Pana – The hottest new taco joint in Dunbar, love it.

by Samantha Bacchus McLeod

I am a sucker for a taco so when I heard about this new place, Cantina Pana, in town I just had to go do the taste test.

Of course I had mine on the all-corn taco, while my friends tried everything else.

The place is cosy and has a rustic feel, maybe due to the wooden everything and the tiny open kitchen, it reminds me of a tiny-house, small-town saloon, loved it. The street corner is tree lined and quiet which adds to the eating pleasure.

I order the Pork Taco and wow it was a treat. The ingredients are listed as:

Chorizo, braised pork shoulder, sweet peanut chipotle, pickled red onions, shaved cabbage, crispy pork chicharron, green onion, and cilantro aioli.

Read that with a dry mouth.

The tacos are definitely not your average Mexican street food, these creations give a big bow of respect to many cuisines while making them new-age and gourmet-like and still keeping it kind of Mexican. There’s a Southern fried chicken meal in a taco, and good ole fish and chips like the Brits classic, and an American/Asian beef amongst the choices, and of course there are the vegetarian choices too.

There is the classic comfort potatoes know to every Canadian child, tater tots, yep tater tots for the kids in the restaurant (no green things please) and for the kids (tastebuds all grown up) in you – crispy fried tater tots, house cheese sauce, charred tomato salsa, green onions, cilantro with a choice of braised beef or pork.

What’s a Mexican night out without these bad boys, !Ai papi! that would be Churros. These were inhaled by my dining companions while I watched sans dry mouth.

If you haven’t yet, go now, it is so worth the visit for carnivores, gluten-free or not, and vegetarians.

Cantina Pana
3625 West 29th Avenue
(604) 620-1425


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