Affording Vancouver – The future does not start in 2050.

Housing, or a lack of affordable homes, in Vancouver is rampant and yet we spend billions on bike paths and other bourgeois ideologies while lower middle class – individuals and families – hang onto the poverty line by their ragged nails.


Vancouver is grappling with a tough affordability crisis and today’s federal budget is an encouraging step to tackle our biggest challenges – with meaningful investments in housing, public transit and social infrastructure.”

The above are empty platitudes by our politicians.

The affordability issue in Vancouver is driving families apart, creating a world of haves and have-nots. This issue of too much cost for too little comfort is literally decimating couples and families like useless pieces of garbage shredded and scattered in the wind. The future does not start in 2050, the game is not The Greenest City In The World. The future is now, the game is People Are In Deep Trouble.

The worst nightmare for a parent is having to make the decision between food and rent at the end of the month. Too often kids go hungry when the landlord is knocking at the door. Essentially this city is condemning generations of children to poverty.

What can we do right now to start change for a better quality of life for ourselves?

Demand affordable housing to be made available immediately, start movements, join movements. Don’t cry over your beers , scream it out loud in front of city hall. When you are told a certain amount is allocated for affordable housing, ask for transparency on every dollar allocated, ask for a start and end date commitment.

When you see a proposal from the city to rip down perfectly good buildings to make more expensive ones for foreign investors…PROTEST!  Ask to have these buildings made into affordable apartments for the people whose backs this city turns on.

Gentrification is another word for greed by the city and its counterparts so please know that when another part of the city is slated for gentrifying all it means is rapidly diminishing hope/chance for affordable homes. So get informed, stay connected, start Facebook pages, get signatures. Remind the city of who is really in charge, show them we are not going to turn a blind eye anymore.


Humans matter, first and foremost!