Albatross Music Festival, Vancouver.

Albatross Music Festival scheduled to be held at Hastings race course, September 14 and 15th, 2017, is the first ever of its kind to grace Vancouver’s shores. Albatross, the mascot’s name, fondly referred to as Alb, signifies the dual abodes of Asians and Vancouverites as they crisscross the Pacific Ocean.

Hastings Racecourse, set against a backdrop of distant snow-capped mountains and Vancouver skylines, is a place where jockeys trot their prize possessions under clear blue sunrises. This magical location is where some of Asia’s best Indie rock, pop, folk, reggae, funk and hip-hop artists will convene for two days of musical nirvana.

Albatross Music Festival is led by Sammi Wei, Founder & CEO of MUBI Entertainment Management Group Inc. MUBI is a professional entertainment production and creative agency based in Vancouver where they specialize in curating, producing, and promoting live entertainment to audiences of all backgrounds.

Sammi Wei started the collaboration to bring this event to Vancouver 13 months ago, she set the stage in motion, while plucking some of Asia’s most popular artists of every genre, scaling from folk to pop with everything in between. After 13 months of tuning the stars to visit their fans in Vancouver, the show is finally about to begin.

From the haunting tunes of folk to the movement-music of reggae and the romantic ballads of some of today’s hottest Asian musical stars. The tempo promises to awe and deliver so don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to see some of your favourite musicians, all in one place, for two whole days at the Albatross festival. You will get your first ever chance to see and hear your favorite musicians performing right here in Vancouver. The song cycles will range from 30 minutes to an hour as these world-renowned artists perform their special kind of magic.

Some of the stars that will be performing are the likes of…

Famous Chinese songwriter and pop singer, A Si, released her single “I was eating fried chicken in The People’s Square” in 2011 and was propelled to instant fame while garnering the attentions of well-established musicians like Rock/pop king Lao Lang of the album “Winter in Beijing”, and Li Jian “Legend” singer/songwriter. A Si was quickly signed on by China’s largest label, Modern Sky, and went on to perform many singles including hits from her latest album, “My Foolish Idealism”, which won her the Chinese Mandarin Music Awards, Best Album of The Year 2016, and Abilu Music Awards’ Best Artist of The Year 2016.

Edison Chen, Hong Kong’s frontline actor, musician and artist has been in many films and released several albums in the entertainemnt industry. With more than 1.5 million followers on Instagram, and more than 26-millions micro-blog fans, Edison Chen is possibly one of the most familiar Asian faces in the world today. Chen has co-produced with countless international well-known music producers, including the likes of Sam Spiegel (N.A.S.A.), Grammy composing winner James Fauntleroy, French electronic music producer DJ Brodinski, DJ Snake and American electronic music producer DJ Nosaj Thing.

HYUKOH stirred up the Korean indie scene, while proudly claiming the title: ‘Band of the New Generation’. Debuted in Sept. 2014 with their EP album “20”. Without even a single media promotion the album became popular by word-of-mouth. HYUKOH performed the opening stages for musicians like Mac DeMarco, How to Dress Well, and Erlend Øye.

In March 2015, vocal HYUKOH released “Lucky You!” together with Primary (band) and scored number one on the music charts.

In May 2015, HYUKOH released the second EP “22”, followed by their appearance on worldwide popular TV show, MBC Infinite Challenge in August 2015. The band became no doubt the hottest indie artist of the year.

The demand continued throughout the year, and the ‘End of the year concert “22” got sold out in less than two minutes after ticket opening.

After two long years of painstaking efforts, HYUKOH is now about to change the game again with their first full-length album, “23”.

Eric Chou’s song “The Distance of Love” first appeared as the theme song of the hottest TV drama in 2014 “The Way We Were” and went viral among audience immediately afterwards. The music video earned over 60 million views on YouTube. Eric Chou’s music will lift you up and take you away, while grounding you in his catchy melodies and mellifluous voice. haunting melodies.

If music is universal and timeless then it would be called Nair. The music is as deep and meaningful as the Mongolian traditional festivities. This band represents the rich cultural heritage of the Mongolian people and their fondness for songs. This band brings the ancient spirits alive from the first drum beat to the triumphant crescendo.

Acclaimed singer-songwriter Ma Di uses his life’s experiences and his haunting voice to sing about the joys and sorrows of life in Beijing.

Matzka, the main vocalist is also the name of the band Matzka. Matzka is a singer, songwriter, and music producer who embodies the roots of reggae while mixing genres of every description, including jazz, rock and heavy metal. Matzka is a definite crowd pleaser and gets everyone on their feet dancing whenever they take the stage.

Also performing on stage will be Taiwanese pop star, Queen Wei, musical group ReTROS (Rebuilding The Rights Of Statues), Vancouver’s Elise Estrada just off her tour with Rihanna, and Chinese singer Wanting Q.

Albatross music festival promises to deliver a never to be forgotten two-days of music on September 14 and 15, 2017.

















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