Gypsy Wedding is a union of sensual rhythm and haunting hues.

Canadian Flamenco dancer returns with her troupe to perform at Winnipeg Folk Fest, Calgary Folk Fest and Vancouver Folk Fest

This is music for philosophers, and for lovers.

 By Brody Rokstad

Artist : Les Noces Gitanes (Gypsy Wedding)

Album: La Luna y El Sol (The Moon and the Sun)

Seven-member flamenco/Balkan group Les Noces Gitanes (Gyspy Wedding) will soon be returning to Vancouver, and as anyone who caught their 2012 performance at Diner en Blanc can attest, they’re brining a whole lot of culture with them. Their new album is entitled La Luna y El Sol (The Moon and the Sun), which is rather fitting because just as the moon and sun traverse a wide swath in the sky, this band spans a very broad musical breadth. Based out of Angers, France, their sound is a unique hybridity of several influences that includes flamenco, Balkan, Middle Eastern, and jazz. This ensemble is comprised of electric guitar, bass, drums, North African percussions, saxophone, trumpet, clarinet, multiple vocalists – and a flamenco dancer front and centre. The group’s members come from a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and this diversity is evident in the rich sound that they produce.

“There’s lots of energy at our shows,” says Deborah Dawson, the flamenco dancer, originally from Vancouver. “Each of us brings something a little different and very personal onstage, and then we mix it together in this big, energetic party music for everyone.”

This group’s live performance is sexy. And I don’t mean cheap, North American, Britney Spears-type sexy. This is old world, elemental, sublime sensuality. The flamenco/Balkan/Middle Eastern sound exudes an elegant carnality that intoxicates the audience – all while a gorgeous flamenco dancer moves with grace and precision onstage. Arab and flamenco chants performed by Les Noces Gitanes’s raspy lead vocals seem to tell ancient stories that stir somewhere in the depths of our collective unconscious. Their sound has an urgency and earnestness to it that is fully imbued with the fiery and passionate ardency that honours the cultures from which it derives. This is music for philosophers, and for lovers. It has a mysterious quality that is hard to describe.

With several upcoming shows in BC this July – including a performance at the Vancouver Folk Festival – you can be sure this band will make you feel alive and will inspire you to get up and dance. So make sure to get their album and catch their show. Go get some culture.



Winnipeg Folk Festival, July 7-10

Gambier Island Festival (semi-private), July 12-13

Victoria Summer Eventide Series, July 14

Vancouver Folk Festival, July 15-17

Lake Country Creekside Theatre, July 20

Calgary Folk Festival, July 21-24


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