Chef Alain Rayé Summer Salad Recipe for Chefs del Sol’s Culinary Show

 Chef Alain Rayé will be showcasing his recipe at Carnaval del Sol’ culinary show CHEF DEL SOL this coming weekend. 


Chef Alain Rayé (2-Michelin stars) with ex-wife, and current business partner, Brigitte Rayé is teaming up once again to bring real French food to Vancouver. This team brought and raised the bar way back, when they brought La Régalade’s succulent treats of traditional down-home comfort French cuisine to British Columbia. Café Ca Va, their new restaurant, scheduled for opening in a few weeks will once again raise the bar in Vancouver when it comes to French cuisine. Expect the same highly valued quality ingredients and balanced, varied food choices but this time around enjoy authentic evolved French cuisine.

French gastronomy, known for its richness – dishes made with butter, cream, duck fat, lots of meat – that is belly achingly filling has been quietly going through a food revolution over the last few years in Paris. Café Ca Va will be serving healthy French food made with less richness, local and seasonal organic products

Cooking is when Chef Alain is most happy; this is his poetry, his communication of what life means and he lives to share that with people who appreciate food.

Brigitte’s hospitality is legendary, she is most definitely French and proud of it so expect warm welcomes to old and new friends, humour, and leave well-fed and happy with your bellies filled with healthy authentic French food.

Visit Café Ca Va at 1860 Marine Dr, West Vancouver, to join the French food revolution.

Recipe submitted by Chef Rayé




Vegetable depending on the season, for example:

An assortment of small beets of different colours -An assortment of baby carrots in different colours – ¼ celeriac – 2 small kohlrabi – 1 bunch radishes – 1 bunch turnips – 200g mesclun – some strawberries and some cherry tomatoes very ripe – 1 chip salted butter – 1 dash of olive oil.

For the sweet and sour sauce: 2 limes – 70 gr acacia honey – 150 ml olive oil


Vegetables: Cook separately in their skins beets, carrots, cabbage and turnips (it is necessary to respect the cooking time of each) in lightly salted water, drain and cool and set aside.

Cut celery into thin strip as a Carpaccio with a mandolin. Cook with a base of water, a chip salted butter and a little oil. Book.

Prepare the sauce: In a bowl mix the honey and lemon juice and using a blender, gradually incorporate the oil to thicken the sauce like mayonnaise.


Place a large sauce disc on the plate then drop off various cooked vegetables, and a few radishes, and finish with a slide of celery. Surround all of mesclun (selection of lettuces with other edible leaves such as dandelion greens, mustard greens, and radicchio) and season with sea salt. Serve at room temperature.

Tips: in the sauce it is possible to replace lemon juice with a good sherry vinegar and olive oil for peanut oil, so you can decide the dressing in different ways.

Samantha McLeod

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